tallest slide - Solar Tsunami$700 2 electical outlets

At 30 feet tall and 65 feet long, the tsunami is the largest slide to hit the Hoosier party scene since, well - ever! To those of you who have reserved our award winning Blue Crush water slide, just think of that - except 8 feet taller!

The orange and red fire colors really bring the slide to life and will fit with almost any party theme.

Keep in mind that this slide is upwards of 800 lbs. Drivers will need to drive as close as possible to the set up area to make sure the Tsunami is ready to go by the end of your set up hour.

Can you handle INDIANA'S NEWEST AND TALLEST WATER SLIDE? Ride the Solar Tsunami - only at Planet Bounce. Solar Tsunami Water Slide $700

...you dare ride the Tsunami? Indiana Party Fun!

The Tsunami is closed for the 2017 Summer Season.

Parents—An inflatable this size will definitely 100% require you to have an adult supervisor on duty at all times. If you cannot provide supervision, speak with us about retaining an attendant from our company during your reservation. Otherwise No Supervision = Do not rent this slide.

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